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A patient in need of A-blood units in the city of Ramallah

The workshop was organized by the Friends of Thalassemia Patients Association in cooperation with the Medical Union in a joint campaign targeting school and university students in the northern governorates. The meeting started with Mr. Mahmoud Daraghmeh welcoming students He also pointed to the importance of the role that they will play as health educators. He also pointed out the importance of raising awareness and educating against Thalassemia and combating it to reach Palestine free of new thalassemia patients in 2013.

The attendees then moved with Dr. Abdel Nasser Daraghmeh, In the lecture on the reality of Thalassemia in Palestine through the treatment methods as well as the protocol to be followed by doctors to improve the condition of the disease as well as the latest statistics on the disease. At the level of reading the medical examination laboratory, Mr. Mahmoud Daraghmeh how to read the correct medical examinations to determine the holder of the capacity Or genetic diseases, through the scientific indicators shown by laboratory tests. A short film produced by the Society of Friends of Thalassemia patients was presented, entitled "I love my life despite my suffering" which showed that with will and determination we live and we hope to face all the difficulties of life The participants went to develop recommendations that define the mechanisms of cooperation between medical students at An-Najah University and the Thalassemia Society to take their educational and training role in spreading awareness. The meeting was attended by students Hadia Al-Azouni, member of the administrative board of the Thalassemia Society, In Nablus and a number of lecturers at the Faculty of Medicine at An-Najah University. It is worth mentioning that this joint project was carried out through meetings held at the Society's headquarters in the presence of Dr. Maha Samara, Du'aa Suleiman and Bara Al-Mehsiri, The Union of Medicine is represented by student Nidal Abu Khezaran, Ayas Al-Zaghl, Youssef Maher, Nour Alian and Razan Al-Hajj representatives of the Federation.