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Annual General Meeting 2018

Annual General Meeting 2018
Annual General Assembly Meeting

Thalassimia patients’ friends society implemented the annual public body meeting for 2018 with the participation of all the members from different provinces, where the chairman of the society Dr. Bashar Alkarmi started by thanking all the attendants for their ongoing support to the Thalassimia cause, noting all the achievements that have been made during 2018 by the society and its main orientations in raising awareness towards health issues for the patients along with focusing on community awareness and the importance of medical examination in order to reduce Thalassimia new births before marriage as mentioned by the Minister of health in her meeting with Dr. Alkarmi, as well as the international and regional active engagement in Jordanian socity conference.

Secretary of the society Mrs. Jihad Abu Ghoush presented the society’s administrative report for 2018 and the main activities & achievements with the patients, health providers and the community. Emphasized the importance partnerships with different entities and activities as well.

As for the financial context, The Chief Cashier Dr. Abdul Nasser Daraghmeh presented two financial reports for 2017 and 2018, and a discussion about certain terms was held, where Dr. daraghmeh mentioned the continued efforts on developing society’s financial procedure.