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Summer Camp in the West Bank and Gaza “A Step Towards Better Health”

Summer Camp in the West Bank and Gaza “A Step Towards Better Health”
The summer camp in the West Bank targeted 6 public schools/ 3 directorates from the north, center and south at an average of 7 students per school, in addition to 17 thalassemia patients. The summer camp in Gaza targeted 100 students including 40 patients.

As part of the project for education and training thalassemia patients and meeting their medical needs, TPFS-Palestine, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education – the General Administration for School Health, organized a summer camp “A Step Towards Better Health” in the West Bank and Gaza through establishing groups for health education composed of school students and thalassemia patients to implement different health activities. The summer camp and its numerous recreational, educational and training programs and activities constituted an opportunity to gather all students who care for thalassemia patients, strengthen relations between them, and understand thalassemia, its symptoms and prevention methods in order to combat the disease and raise the awareness of school students on thalassemia and other genetic diseases.

The camp included several activities, mainly communication, self-appreciation, problem solving and decision making, it also included psychological support, motion games and drawing. As well as introducing thalassemia, its symptoms and prevention methods, and the importance of testing before marriage.