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Training Doctors in the West Bank and Gaza

Training Doctors in the West Bank and Gaza
The training targeted 37 doctors from public hospitals in the West Bank and Gaza, including 21 doctors treating thalassemia patients at remedial units.

The training program included several specialized topics on remedial follow-up of thalassemia patients, including: classifying blood diseases and thalassemia, diagnosis, and safety of blood transfusion; treatment of thalassemia patients’ excess iron (accumulated); in addition to addressing the key complications of the disease and how to treat them, including osteoporosis, hormone problems, problems with endocrine glands and heart problems and their relation with thalassemia.

The program also included psychosocial support from a medical perspective, and nutrition and its relation with thalassemia in terms of the patterns and practices that patients should follow to reduce the complications of the disease in order for patients to enjoy good health and live a normal life.

The training contributed to increasing the knowledge of health workers on the importance of periodic remedial follow-up for thalassemia patients, improving the quality of medical services provided to patients at remedial units, and stressing on the importance of a sustainable health care system for all patients at public hospitals.