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Training educated patients in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Training educated patients in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
The training targeted 45 patients in the West Bank and Gaza. It aimed at building the capacities of patients for them to be able to deliver a social message on thalassemia through participating in health education at schools and local community institutions. Moreover, it aimed at integrating patients in their community, involving them in social activities and giving them an actual role in raising public awareness on the disease. In addition to the overarching objective of TPFS-Palestine to increase the level of knowledge and awareness on thalassemia.

The training was implemented on three stages throughout the year, where the targeted categories were involved in a 40-hour training on medical/health issues relating to thalassemia, the remedial protocol and the use of the pump; the patients’ quality of life,  which included practices, nutrition and reproductive and sexual health; and life skills, which included lobbying and advocacy, presentation skills and efficient communication skills among other topics. The second phase of the training was that the participants give a practical training before a panel of judges that includes the trainers in order to select the educated trainees. The third phase was that the selected educated trainees would provide educational lectures at schools, universities and community centers, where the number of educated persons was 20 in the West Bank and 19 in Gaza Strip.

One of the training outcomes was the development of a training program for 39 educated persons on health issues in the West Bank and Gaza at schools and local community institutions at a rate of 7 lectures for each person.