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Thalassemia International Day 2020

Thalassemia International Day 2020

On World Thalassemia Day, which falls on the eighth of May every year.
We renew confidence in our patients who have demonstrated rare courage and a keen desire to face the difficulties of daily life with their chronic disease - Thalassemia, and their ability to challenge and hold on to hope despite the scarcity of resources and capabilities.
In this context, we affirm the necessity of obtaining and fully committing our patients to receiving holistic treatment in accordance with internationally recognized treatment regimens.
On this occasion, Thalassemia Patients' Friends Society presents our best wishes for health, well-being and a decent quality of life.
And for volunteers , friends and partners everywhere, we take this opportunity to say thank you from the heart, thank you for your support and your standing with us in a quarter-century march to create a model in fighting disease and curbing the birth of new thalassemia.
And thank you to the health service providers in the Palestinian Ministry of Health and the workers in the treatment units and the various blood banks that we and them seek to provide comprehensive treatment to chart the features of a new era for our patients.