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Egypt’s 24th Mediterranean Hematology and Anemia conference

Egypt’s  24th Mediterranean Hematology and  Anemia conference
Participation of the Thalassemia Patients Friends Society (TPFC) by the President of the society Dr. Bashar Al-Karmi in the 24th conference on Hematology and Anemia in the Mediterranean



The (TPFS) was represented by the President of the Society Bashar Al-Karmi at the 24th Egypt conference on the Hematology and Anemia Mediterranean, where Dr.Karmi presentation on reality of Thalassemia patients in Palestine  and relaying the society’s experience over the course twenty five years in this field, as Dr. Al-karmi to the challenges created by the youth patients in the Palestine and the Arab world, which is to integrate them into their communities and accept them as productive members and provide them with educational and employment opportunities, and be bridges in the establishment of their families.


On another front, Dr. Al-karmi met a number of patients in Egypt who face the same challenges and hopes, and from here came the idea of the meeting of Arab Thalassemia Society, which was initiated to form the society at the end of 2019, it is worth mentioning that this participation coincided with the commencement of the screening of Thalassemia carriers for those who are admitted to, which contributes to the reduction of new Thalassemia births.