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Medical Examination Before Marriage

What do you know about medical examination before marriage ?


A pre - marriage medical examination is one of the most important health preventive , and these examinations are very important in avoiding genetic diseases which are spreading in our society.

Thalassemia is a genetic disease, which is about 4% of the total population are carriers of the gene of Thalassemia. It is considered high if we look at the proportion of relative marriage in Palestinian society, up to 70% of total marriages.

In 2000, Thalassemia Patients' Friends Society has started issuing a certificate of not having Thalassemia gene for those who are going to get married until 2008.


In 2010, the Palestinian Ministry of Health has adopted the examination and became free in the departments of the ministry health, also
the judge's judge praised the examination and adopted it too.
Because of this examination and the community awareness, the number of new Thalassemia cases fell from 40 cases per year to almost zero.
What does the examination reveal ?
Pre-marriage medical examination reveals the carrier of Thalassemia gene and explains the the odds of giving birth of new Thalassemia patients according to the genetic map of couples.
Do not forget that the Thalassemia gene carrier is healthy .
For the genetic map, you can visit
The safety of your children from Thalassemia begins at the medical examination before marriage.
You can do the examination for free in any of the Directorates of the Palestinian Ministry of Health.